The Return of Guistenal

Bodies to Fill Rooms

Jha’Near, the templar handler from lower Guistenal (as they have decided to call the cavernous under layer that the characters aren’t openly invited to, though Marsh has seen a small part of it when he undertook the templar loyalty ritual) has suggested that it might be prudent to start finding people to populate Guistenal. They also let the characters know that there is a small community called Farat not far away that might be inclined to enjoy the benefits of a city (the city boasts reservoirs capable of sustaining at least 20,000 people, high walls capable of preventing most enemies, gardens and a view – OK its the same view everyone else has).
The four characters, Marsh, a Kalashtar Monk (and templar), Volkann, Korrin (who its decided can act in the place of the Foreign Office or diplomat), and T’Jown (a Half-giant rogue – yeah we’ve already heard the jokes – who controls the first guild of merchants), set out for Farat across the desert along four extra kanks laden with jugs of water (a gift). Asterion, fascinated by the gardens, stays behind. Unfortunately, due to terrible luck circumstances conspire against the characters and they lose two kanks on the way.
When the characters arrive at Farat they find it besieged and under attack from Hejkins, psionic creatures that hate those who dig and scar the earth. The characters approach from the mound that the hejkin chieftain and his entourage, four guards and a chanter, watch the battle. Marsh runs forward to the attack and finds himself knocked unconscious by the cruel claws of the chieftain (luckily he brought all his slaves and three of them drag him off to safety – well two, one dies for his trouble and the others spend a few rounds snogging him to health). Marsh is backed by T’Jown who manages to stand his ground, especially when the chanter attacks his own chieftain, betraying him. The other four guards are soon slain and the chieftain is left facing the characters alone and is knocked unconscious.
The characters enter Farat victorious having routed the Hejkin attack. Wazig, the community elder, tells a tale of woe where the hejkin have been attacking them for the last three days. The characters offer a solution – move to Guistenal. They are very eloquent (well Korrin is anyway) and they manage to convince the community to up and move to Guistenal. The town, over the next few days, packs its gear and they set out into the desert back to Guistenal.
Along the way the caravan is jumped by some clever kenku that mimic a large predator cry, scaring the front part of the caravan while they try to secure the last. But they have to contend with the characters. The fight is fierce (with Marsh being taken out by a minion, its agreed that Marsh was the most hopeless player of the night, taking the crown from Asterion who sucked the previous week) but ultimately fatal for the kenku and the characters once more prove their worth for the new members of Guistenal. Returning to Guistenal the character report to Jha’Near to find him seeing off the hejkin chanter that attacked the chieftain. Bemused, Jha’Near explains that in politics it is best to hedge your bets.
Guistenal now has a population of over one hundred and its army has jumped from one general to include eighteen troops. Its a small beginning, but a beginning none the less.



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