The Return of Guistenal

Nibenay Interlude

Day 1

Approaching the magnificently caparisoned West Gate of Nibenay with their id fiend in tow, Asterion, Marsh, Korrin, and Volkann decide to pass themselves off as beast hunters. The slave-guards at the gate are helpful enough to give them directions to the arena and Volkann hears them mutter under their breath that with such a beast in tow they are unlikely to be bothered. The group wonders what they mean but soon note that the resplendent architecture redolent on the outside of the city walls is more careworn in this district.
Stopping at the first tavern they come across for a refreshing beer (which they have to enjoy outside) the group bicker about whether to sell the critter at the arena or not but Korrin insists on finding a psionic training hall. Luckily a helpful individual leads the characters to the Academy of Fierce Purpose just a little way down the road on the way to the Arena.
Keen to be rid of the beast the group make their way to the Academy of Fierce Purpose, a building of unblemished beauty patronised by the nobles of the city, where the masters almost fall over themselves to help the group. After much haggling the sale of the id fiend is secured for the price of 4,795 ceramic pieces. Deciding to live it up a little the characters ask Pelador (their guide) shows them to a nice taven (with soft beds, room slaves, and decent hot meals) where they can rest for the next few days while they replenish their supplies and prepare for another sojourn in the Crescent Forest to look for the Witchgrove (oh, and to check out how other cities work)



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